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Brown Bag Presentations

Brown Bag Presentations are one hour, lunch-time talks that give TBRRI scientists, physician researchers and students an opportunity to showcase their research and present the results of specific projects.  Everyone is welcome to attend and encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion.


Upcoming Presentations:




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Brown Bag Presentations will resume in the fall.

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Past Presentations:

Marina Ulanova, MD, PhD, Physician Researcher

The Use of Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccines in Adults with Chronic Renal Failure

Chris Phenix, PhD, TBRRI Scientist

Towards New PET Probes for Imaging Enzymes Involved in Disease


S. Zaki Ahmed, MD FRCPC FCCP, Chief of the Department of Internal Medicine

Early Warning Scores: From Retrospective to Prospective


Aram Teymurazyan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow of Dr. Alla Reznik

Gamma-Camera for Image-Guided Low-Energy Breast Brachytherapy


Jane Lawrence Dewar, PhD with Shayna Parker, MHSc & Andréa Hantjis, MHSc

Current State of Motor Learning Research: Report from the Society of Neuroscience Annual Meeting 


Hassan A. Hassan, MD

Nasopharyngeal Bacteriology and Innate Immune Responses Evidence in Adenoidectomy


Robert Sikorski, MD

Acute Pain Research at TBRHSC: Combining Clinical Practice and Research


Arnold Kim, MD

NLites: Utilizing a Context-Free Language Approach to Medical Documentation Phase Sunspot: Are NOSM Learners Ready to Code?


Scott Sellick, PhD

What (the heck) is Psycho-Social Oncology Research?


Laura Curiel, PhD with Ryan Jackson, Chris Abraham and David Bates

Development of Imaging Guidance for Minimally Invasive HIFU Procedures


Brianne Wood, MSc, Research Coordinator with Dr. Ingeborg Zehbe

The Anishinaabek Cervical Cancer Screening Study: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Community-Based Participatory Research 


Naana Afua Jumah, OB/GYN

Taking the Next Steps: HIFU, Uterine Fibroids and Beyond


Boguslaw Tomanek, PhD

Challenges and Opportunities in MR Imaging Technology and Image-Guided Therapy


Chris Phenix, PhD

PET Molecular Imaging: Its Future In Diagnostics, Prognostics and Guiding Therapy


Ming Fu, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow of Dr. Lily Wu

The Role of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in Energy Production


Aram Teymurazyan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow of Dr. Alla Reznik

Design Optimization of Organ-Specific Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Detector


Wely Floriano, PhD; John Wigg, CMS PhD Candidate

Accelerating the Translation of Protein Biomarkers into Diagnostic Tools through Computing

A Fluorescent Probe for HPV16 E6


Mitch Albert, PhD, Marcus Couch and Tao Li

Hyperpolarized Gas and Inert Gas MRI Imaging of the Lungs and Brain


Jane Lawrence Dewar, PhD and Andréa Hantjis, Honours Thesis Student


fMRI?!?  What it is, what we can do with it and how it's being used in Thunder Bay


Oleg Rubel, PhD, Sheikh J. Ahmed, Master's Candidate and Nadiya Dragneva, PhD Student

Discover Different: From Nanoscale to Novel Medical Applications

Click here to see the Power Point


Laura Curiel, PhD and Sandra Diaz, MSc Electrical and Computer Engineering Student

HIFU: A Non-invasive Surgery of the Future


Ingeborg Zehbe, PhD, DSc and Melissa Togtema, MSc Biology Student

Novel Human Papillomavirus Therapeutics


These informal presentations are an excellent way to spread the word about your research and for students to gain valuable public speaking experience.  If you are interested in having your project featured in an upcoming Brown Bag Presentation, please contact:


Terry Fodë

Phone: 807-684-6571

Email:   tbh%23net|fodet

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