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Advanced Detection Devices



Advanced Detection Devices, including x-ray, PET and MRI imaging, can better detect small tumours in the body and improve surgical planning. Dr. John Rowlands, scientist Dr. Alla Reznik and others will work in the Advanced Detection Devices program as they plan to apply novel solid-state technology to x-ray and PET systems. In particular, Dr. Reznik is developing an advanced technology for breast-dedicated PET imagers, which will facilitate early detection of breast cancer and accurate monitoring of treatment. Initiatives will be directed at a new generation of whole body PET-MRI scanners which will produce improved functional and anatomical images in perfect registration.

To facilitate this translational research a PET-CT system was installed at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in June 2008. This technology will be used for cancer diagnosis and staging research as well as planning for the early installation of an advanced MRI system.

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